In Ekaterinburg the drunk man struck the officer in the airport

The criminal case was brought to the inhabitant of the Sverdlovsk area who struck a police officer during the arrest at the airport of Ekaterinburg, the press service of the Ural investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation.

According to authorities, on July 16, the man was planning to fly out of the airport "Koltsovo" in another city. Due to his drunken state, the employee of traffic police tried to bring the offender in a call center. At this point, the man struck the militiaman a hand to the chest.

"31-the summer inhabitant of Sverdlovsk region initiated a criminal case on the fact of application of violence not dangerous for life or health, concerning the employee of linear Department of police", - stated in the message.

As explained in the traffic police, the man was going to fly to Sochi, with have already come on Board. The medical examination confirmed his drunkenness, showing the concentration of ethanol vapor in the exhaled breath of the offender the air above one ppm. In respect of the offender also drew up administrative Protocol on disorderly conduct.