Showman has commented on reports of the death of the rapper in St. Petersburg

Leading Versus Battle Alexander Timartsev said that did not believe in the death of the Ukrainian party rap battles Andy Cartwright, whose body was found dismembered yesterday in an apartment in St. Petersburg.

On Thursday, the RIA Novosti source in law enforcement agencies reported that the wife of a citizen of Ukraine was detained in Petersburg on suspicion in the dismemberment of her husband allegedly died of a drug overdose. The body of a man born in 1989, was dismembered and Packed in five packages. According to local media, the victim is known as the Ukrainian underground rap artist, participant of the Battle Versus Andy Cartwright (real name - Alexander Yushko).

"I wrote to Marina (the wife of Cartwright, ed.). But it doesn't look good. The news channels call and confirm... I hope that about Cartwright's is stuffing," he wrote in his Twitter leading Versus Battle, better known as a Restaurateur.

Versus Battle is the largest Russian platform rap battles. The first video appeared on YouTube channel about seven years ago. During this time he managed to collect more than 4.5 million subscribers.