Experts of the security Council proposed measures against the illicit trafficking of weapons

The scientific Council under the Russian security Council stated steady increase in the number of crimes committed in Russia and connected with illegal circulation of weapons, to effectively change this situation, according to experts, it is necessary to coordinate the work of law enforcement agencies with the business community and manufacturers. weapons, as well as to improve the penal and administrative rules, reported the press service of the RA security Council.

"At its meeting of the scientific Council under the security Council considered the issues of combating illicit arms trafficking. It is noted that the number of registered in the country of crimes related to illicit arms trafficking, is growing steadily. There is a high demand for weapons from organized criminal groups and terrorist organizations", - stated in the message.

Experts stressed that "progress in the fight against this phenomenon can be achieved only through coordination of activities of all subjects of system of prevention of offences in the Russian Federation, in cooperation with civil society and the business community and manufacturers".

Also proposed a package of additional measures aimed at ensuring weapons and ammunition, effective control over its turnover and sales. "In addition, the recommendations for improvement of criminal-legal and administrative-legal norms related to responsibility for illegal arms trafficking", - stated in a press release.

Special attention was paid to the further development of international legal cooperation of the Russian Federation on these issues with regional and international organizations, which it is a member (CSTO, CIS, SCO).

Only in July of this year, reported the suppression of activity in Russia militants who were preparing a resonant terrorist attacks that use weapons illegally obtained. In the Rostov region have been identified the cell is banned in the Russian terrorist group "Islamic state"* preparing attacks on police officers and planned the attacks in medical and educational institutions. And in Kabardino-Balkaria averted terrorist act against members of local law enforcement agencies, it is also planned the members of the IG. Security forces then found in Chegem district of KBR four gunmen who opened fire and was eliminated.

* Banned terrorist group.