The Ombudsman in Perm will monitor the situation with the girl on the cover a wreath

The Commissioner for children's rights in the Perm region Svetlana Denisova took control of the situation with the girl from Karagay, cover with wreath monument to soldiers of the great Patriotic war, it was hoped that full consideration of the situation by the competent authorities, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the Ombudsman.

"The police together with the Commission on Affairs of minors and protection of their rights will be organized with young people in the village Karagay, showed extreme disrespect to the participants of the great Patriotic war, as well as the parents of these teenagers, because for parenting meet the parents. I'll keep the situation under control until the scan is completed, you need to understand the reasons of such behavior of children and to take steps to prevent its reoccurrence" - quoted statement Denisova press Secretary of the Commissioner.

According to the Ombudsman, despite the incident, the area is full of teenagers, who with great awe and respect for the history and memory of their forefathers, the defenders of the Fatherland.

Earlier in social networks has a video in which a girl was covered with a wreath to the monument to the soldiers fallen in the battles of the great Patriotic war. The footage shows how with a smile on her face, she puts the wreath on his head, then falls to the ground and covered him like a blanket. After spending some time on the ground, she removes asked: "Beautiful?". It further raises the feet of the wreath, gets up and puts him in his place.

When the police check found the girl's personality. It was 13-year-old resident of the village near the village of Karagai, in the Perm region. His action, the girl explained that wanted to make a joke. In regional GU Ministry of internal Affairs reported that the girl's parents brought to administrative responsibility for default of duties on education of minors. Militiamen establish the identity of the second participant of incident who shot the video.