Russia lost to Qatar in second place in terms of gas supplies to Turkey

Russia may cut gas supplies to Turkey by 62% yoy, losing second place on volumes of supplies of Qatar, the report said Turkish energy regulator EPDK.

Turkey may cut imports of gas symbolic of 0.51% in annual terms - up to 2,667 billion cubic meters, of which 1,221 billion were in the pipeline gas, and LNG for the 1,445 billion. The bulk of pipeline supply has declined by 45 percent and imports of liquefied natural gas, on the contrary, increased compared to may 2019 three times. In monthly terms, gas imports to Turkey increased by 1.3%.

Gas supplies from Russia to Turkey in may, fell again in annual terms - by 62% to 340 million cubic meters. On a monthly basis, volumes declined by 38%.

At the same time significantly increased supplies from Qatar annually in four times in a month - twice. Thus, Qatar has shifted RF from the second place on volumes of gas supplies to Turkey by country of 520 million cubic meters. The largest share in gas supplies to Turkey retained the Azerbaijan, which was imported 14.5% more than last year, or 882 million cubic meters.

Russia's share in the Turkish market in may decreased to 12.74% versus April of 17.86%. Azerbaijan accounted for 33% of deliveries in Qatar is 19.5%.