The working group on the Constitution will continue, said Krasheninnikov

The working group on the Constitution established to prepare proposals for amending the Basic law, will continue in 2021, while there is a current proposal, co-Chairman of the group, the Deputy of the state Duma Pavel Krasheninnikov.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to the working group on amendments to the Constitution to continue: in his opinion, it can do the monitoring of the implementation of the provisions of the basic law after the last nationwide vote.

"We will work on bills, on those developments that we have on the proposals. I hope that while we have the power and there are some things that we can offer, we will continue to work. Today we talked about the fact that in the autumn session of the hundreds of laws, all unlikely to be adopted, because quality is important to us, so of course we will go to the next (session)," said Krasheninnikov reporters after a meeting of the group.

He also noted that no specific timeline that needs to be taken of the bills, performing new provisions of the Constitution.

"We have reason to say that all the laws were of good quality, verified and never contradicted each other," said Krasheninnikov.