In Moscow will launch a project for the return of a lost elderly

Kaliningrad social project on returning home lost elderly with dementia, "Help me come home" will start in Moscow in September, reported the press-service of Public chamber of the Russian Federation, where he discussed the implementation of the project.

Social project "Help me go home", developed in the Kaliningrad region, is to equip people with memory loss special badges with a QR code that contains contact information about the owner. In the QR code on badge the iron-on transfer indicate the name and telephone number of relatives or welfare, which must be contacted in case of emergency.

"Since this year the Fund "Altrus", which has been supporting people with dementia, will implement a pilot project "Help me return home" in Moscow. The distribution of the transfers will begin in September on the basis of the resource centre of NGOs", - stated in the message of Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

According to the first Deputy of Commission OP of the Russian Federation on the issues of charity and social work, Director of the charity Foundation for elderly and disabled people "old age is a joy" Elizabeth Oleskina, the experience of Kaliningrad, it was necessary to scale all the subjects of the Russian Federation.

According to the President of Fund "Victoria" project Manager "Help me return home" Oleg Matukevich, the project has already interested other regions of Russia as well as neighbouring Poland, Lithuania and other countries.