China's foreign Ministry urged to avoid discrimination in the technical field

China calls on other countries to reject any kind of discrimination in the field of scientific and technical cooperation and to create a fair and open business environment, said at a briefing on Thursday, foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, commenting on another calls US not to cooperate with Huawei.

Earlier, the U.S. Ambassador in Brazil have threatened the country with consequences if she chooses the equipment of Huawei for the deployment on its territory of 5G networks.

"In fact, the reason why the USA are oppressed Chinese enterprises is not national security, not democratic freedoms, but simply that it is a Chinese company, and they are leaders in their industries," - said the diplomat.

He stressed that the accusations against Huawei by the us officials is completely unfounded.

"We hope that all countries will make efforts to create a just, fair, open and non-discriminatory business environment. We must resolutely reject any discrimination of a particular country in the field of scientific and technical cooperation in the same way as we reject racial discrimination," he said.