Belarus asked the Ambassador explanation about the detained Russians

The foreign Ministry of Belarus asked the Russian Ambassador in the Republic of clarification about the purpose of the stay in the country of the detained Russians, having "experience of participation in armed conflict", reported the press service of the Belarusian Ministry.

According to the press service, 30 July the foreign Ministry in turn were invited by the Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev and the Minister-Counsellor, acting head of the Embassy of Ukraine to Belarus Piotr Wroblewski.

"Until the Russian side reported substantive information about law enforcement detained the day before on the territory of Belarus the group of Russian citizens belonging to the so-called private military company "Wagner", - stated in the message of the foreign Ministry.

The Ministry added that "the Russian Ambassador requested a detailed explanation on the objectives and other aspects of the arrival and stay in our country, indicated by an organised group, many of whose members have a proven experience of participation in armed conflict."

The Belarusian state Agency BelTA reported Wednesday, citing an unnamed source in law enforcement bodies that, under the Minsk allegedly detained "32 militants, foreign private company Wagner", another was arrested in the South of the country. All of them, as claimed by the Agency, the Russians. Thus, according to the report, earlier information was received of the arrival in Belarus ", more than 200 militants to destabilize the situation during the election campaign." Embassy of the Russian Federation officially received from the foreign Ministry of Belarus a notice about the arrest of 32 Russians.

Lukashenko on Wednesday held an emergency meeting with members of the security Council, he reported on the situation in connection with the detention of "more than three dozen representatives of foreign private military company". During the meeting, the Chairman of the KGB of the Republic Valery Vakulchik said that the detained in Minsk Russians were in the private military company Wagner. The Secretary of security Council of Belarus Andrei Ravkov said that the foreign Ministry will invite the ambassadors of Russia and Ukraine to give explanations on this case, since at least 14 of the detained Russians "were recorded" in the Donbass.

Lukashenko a few days ago, speaking to the commandos, said that street protests can "pull" a specially-trained foreigners. According to him, "these are professional soldiers, bandits, which are specially prepared, mainly in the framework of PMCs around the world, and make a lot of money on provocations in those or other States".