In France is forbidden to put electric heaters on the terraces of cafes

In the spring of 2021 cafes and restaurants in France will be forbidden to put electric heaters on their outdoor terraces, according to Europulse.

A new ban should help the country to save energy and to get closer to zero emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere – the result, which the EU plans to reach by 2050. This means that the amount of greenhouse gases in the EU must not exceed the level which can be absorbed naturally.

Outdoor heaters have become especially popular in France after 2008, when the country came into effect a ban on Smoking in enclosed spaces, including in restaurants. Thanks to them, the cafes and restaurants were able to serve customers on the street not only in summer but in the offseason and even in the winter. Especially popular heaters have been in ski resorts.

The problem is that their use significantly increases the power consumption of the restaurant.

Suggestions to stop this wasteful sounded long ago, and the government planned to introduce a ban in 2020. But due to the fact that many restaurants have suffered during a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19, it was decided to postpone the decision until the following spring that the owners of the institutions managed to improve their business and prepare for the new rules, for example, to buy more blankets.