HRC stands ready to support the detained in Minsk Russians

The Council on human rights under the President of Russia (HRC) is ready to support the detained in Minsk Russians, if their rights will be violated, said the head of the Council Valery Fadeev.

"If we understand that there is an infringement of the rights of Russian citizens, we will be the topic to do. While information is not sufficient for making any decisions", - told RIA Novosti Fadeev.

According to him, the Council is overseeing the development of event data.

The Belarusian state Agency BelTA reported Wednesday, citing an unnamed source in law enforcement bodies that, under the Minsk detained "32 militants, the foreign private company Wagner", another was arrested in the South of the country. All of them, according to the Agency, the Russians. Thus, according to the report, earlier information was received of the arrival in Belarus ", more than 200 militants to destabilize the situation during the election campaign." The Chairman of the KGB of Belarus Valery Vakulchik said that the detained in Minsk Russians were in the private military company "Wagner".