In the PMC described the status of General SK Drymanov in jail

General of the RF IC Alexander Rymanow, which is contained in the SIZO "Lefortovo", leads a healthy lifestyle and sports, told RIA Novosti member of the Moscow Public oversight Commission (POC) Marina Litvinovich.

"We have not seen him, immediately noticed that he lost a lot of weight. We were worried about his health, but it turned out that he simply leads a healthy lifestyle and sports," he said.

Litvinovich added that pending consideration of the appeal Drymanov not eat after 16.00 and lost 12 pounds.

In March, the former head of a capital Central Board SK of the Russian Federation General Drymanov, was sentenced to 12 years in a penal colony in the criminal case of two bribes, the defense appealed the verdict.

The criminal case was initiated after a shooting near the Elements restaurant December 15, 2015, which turned out to be one of the biggest corruption scandals in the recent history of Russia. The dispute over the debt between the owner of the restaurant and its contractor resulted in killing two persons and wounding several.

In the ensuing proceedings the participants of the shooting were under arrest, and then, as the investigation revealed, the officers of the RF IC received from the criminal elements million dollars for the release of the "authority" Andrey Kochanova (Italian), Trustee of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young), who took an active part in the incident. The money the crime fighters then shared. Drymanov, according to the investigation, received a of this amount one - fifth part of 200 thousand.

The second sane Dryanovo episode is 9850 euros for patronage from his first Deputy, Denis nikandrova, also sentenced for corruption, though in another case. The transfer of money Nikandrov said earlier in court at the first trial of Mikhail Maksimenko, which Timanov was a witness.