It became known that the Russians spent part of payments for children

Russians spent part of state aid for children on microloan repayment: amount of repayment of debts of citizens in favor of microfinance organizations began to grow when he was paid a large part of the presidential child benefits, to such conclusion analysts included in the group "Tinkoff" payment service CloudPayments.

Analysts have studied the momentum 133 microfinance institutions (MFIs). In order to assess the impact of presidential payments benefits-in-10 thousand rubles for a child under 16 years of age on the amount of recovery of the population and the MFI, the amount of debt payments during the week from 6 to 12 April were compared with the volume of payments in the weeks that followed up until July 19. The period from 6 to 12 April is chosen as a basis for comparison, since this is the first full week after the limitations of withdrawal, entered into force.

"The presidential payment of allowances for children has helped the Russians to repay debts to IFIs. According to the results obtained in the analysis only up to the second week of June, when most presidential of the children's allowance was paid (the payment of the first wave was carried out from 1 June), the volume of repayment of debts of citizens in favor of MFIs began to grow. Prior to that, the dynamics of returns has been downward, and its peak (-30% to the baseline week) occurred in the first week of June," concluded the analysts.

A change in the trend and growth of recovery related to the fact that your benefits have helped people to improve their financial situation and gradually start to close the accumulated debt. And on June 23 was announced the news about the second wave of payouts that have provoked positive expectations and stimulated debt repayment, said the CEO CloudPayments Dmitry Spiridonov. Net returns for the week from June 29 to July 5, 9% lower than in the base, and the volume for the week 6 to 12 July - already on 8%. Further, in the second half of July, the volume of returns debts to MFIs again reduced.

"The peak of the redemptions occurred in the 1 July to the start of the second stage of government support. When compared with the corresponding period of may the amount of payments of July 1, grew by 107%, July 2 — 80%." From the statistics of the company that, on the first day of July, the turnover of MFIs was higher than 10-th or 20-th, when the Russians are usually earned wages," - said Spiridonov.

The growing dynamics of the increase in debt payments associated with the partial lifting of restrictions and the beginning of work of many enterprises, pointed out in turn, the representative of the service-crediting "Robot Timer". The coincidence of the peaks of payments days receiving salaries and their highest levels relative to other days of the month indicate that the Russians began to more clearly see their own financial Outlook and chose at the first opportunity to settle with creditors, the company said.

"In early June and July we actually recorded the increase in repayments of debt relative to early may. But the nature of this growth is more associated with another tendency: on the first day of each month traditionally have significant volumes of issued microloans. Accordingly, provided that borrowers are in most cases now choose the maximum credit terms (30 days), the period of repayment of the loans falls on the first day of the following month," the company said.