The posted video of the arrest for treason of the military in Sevastopol

The FSB published a video of detention of a suspect in the work of Ukrainian intelligence soldier of the black sea fleet of Russia: according to the roller, the detainee was very afraid of the use of force.

According to the Federal security service, the detainee is charged with working on the Ukrainian military intelligence. He is now in jail.

The video starts with how the operatives jump out of the van and swooped in a few feet of a man walking around town in shorts and bare chested. At the time of arrest he shouts several times: "Ah-Ah, no, guys, don't hit".

However, strikes in the video and not seen the person within a few seconds, pushed into a minibus.

The following shows how a detainee is removed from the van and taken to a place of detention. Out of the car, the suspect in the treason comes out in jeans and a t-shirt. His arms get in the door, next to which hangs a sign "Sevastopol garrison military court."

In the building the suspect put in a "cell". The video ends.