In the state Duma have developed the project on isolated beaches children's camps.

The Deputy of the state Duma from "United Russia" Natalia Kostenko has developed a draft law on the law of the camps to use the water area on the basis of a contract concluded without an auction that will allow you to restrict the access of unauthorized persons to the children's beaches (the draft text is available to RIA Novosti).

Kostenko, which is in the state Duma of Krasnodar region, on Thursday would send the bill to the coordinating Council for the legislative activity of the faction "United Russia".

According to the explanatory note to the project, in accordance with the Water code of the Russian Federation the use of water areas necessary for the operation of the beaches, as well as for recreational purposes sports organizations, tour operators or travel agents, the organized rest of children, veterans, elderly persons, persons with disabilities, on the basis of the contract of water use, concluded without an auction.

However, the document says, in addition to these organizations, traditionally, the activities in the field of organized recreation for children is carried out in various camps, and children's centres.

"The lack of such organizations the right to use the waters on the basis of a contract concluded without an auction with a corresponding restriction of access of other persons to the beaches, leads to the fact that at the present time on the beaches of children's camps, children's centers with children the rest of the most different categories of citizens that do not meet the safety requirements when organizing children's activities, creates a risk for criminogenic situations", - the document says.

As it is noted that the creation of conditions for separate use of water areas required for recreational purposes by organisations of rest of children and their recovery, it is proposed to make appropriate amendments to article 50 of the Water code.