AI Moscow will help doctors to identify cancer in the analysis of mammograms

Artificial intelligence will help the Moscow doctors to diagnose the cancer in the analysis of mammograms, told reporters the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova.

In the capital health has a service to help doctors and radiologists analyze mammograms. This initiative is in the framework of the urban experiment in computer vision. Impersonal services are analyzed using artificial intelligence algorithms, and the results of their work are the doctors you see along with the original study.

"We are increasing the pace of implementing digital solutions in the Moscow healthcare system. Now for the analysis of mammograms in urban health facilities used the technology of artificial intelligence. The service is designed to help radiologists to interpret the results of the research, including the process of screening for breast cancer. We are confident that the new technology will improve the quality of diagnostics of oncological diseases," said Rakova.

He recalled that in medical institutions of artificial intelligence is already examining several types of studies — computed tomography, x-rays and chest x-rays. Recently to this list were added and mammography.

Service "Celsus" works based on neural networks and analyzes digital medical images, identifying them suspicious of the slightest changes in the structure of breast tissue.

The whole procedure of recognition of studies lasts more than 10 minutes. The algorithm has a high sensitivity and detects any small change. Doctor interpreterpath findings and decides whether they have diagnostic value and can in this case be suspected breast cancer or fears were groundless.

"Of course, artificial intelligence will not replace doctors, but they make the final decisions and take responsibility. But in certain situations, such as screening, services be a good tool for radiologists, helping to notice even minor changes and suspected pathology. Now to the already existing list of radiological investigations, results of which decrypts an artificial intelligence was added to mammography," - said the chief specialist on radiation and instrumental diagnostics, Director, Center for diagnostics and telemedicine Sergey Morozov.

In the future, the Centre's experts suggest that artificial intelligence will be able to form mini-sentences.