Scientists from Russia and the USA will sign an agreement on studies COVID-19

Russian Academy of Sciences and the national Academy of Sciences of the United States on Thursday will sign a cooperation agreement for research related COVID-19, reported the press service of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"It is planned to develop new forms of cooperation and dialogue between the academies in all areas of coronavirus, its nature, methods of treatment and prevention", - stated in the message.

Reportedly, the two sides plan to develop cooperation of scientists in the field of epidemiological, virological, molecular biological studies COVID-19, the study of the pathophysiology of new infections in the mathematical and computer modeling of the spread of the pandemic, socio-economic and psychological consequences of coronavirus, strengthening global security and countering biological threats.

From the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Protocol will be signed by the President of RAS Alexander Sergeev. With the American head of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States Marcia Mcnutt, and the head of the National Academy of medicine Victor Jawi and the National Academy of engineering John Anderson. The signing will take place via videoconference.

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