Roskoshestvo warned about the dangers of listening to music with headphones

Prolonged listening to headphones to loud music may cause hearing problems, said Roskoshestvo.

"Stereo headphones have become part of our life. Variations of this popular product on the market weight, because the headphones need to almost every owner of a smartphone or player. ... And remember: if you every day (for several hours) will listen with headphones to loud (over 80 decibels) music, there is a risk to get "in the country of the deaf" - are the organization words of the Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Ilya Loyev.

Roskoshestvo experts remind: the sound power of 90 or more decibels on the already-present threat, and the level of noise in the headphones at maximum volume is approximately 110-130 decibels. "Besides, you should not listen to music on headphones more than 2 hours or more 2-3 hours a day is a huge burden to the ear", - is spoken in the message.

Technological race has led manufacturers not only to improve the functions of headphone and the user's life: in particular, the analysis of new models of rating Roskoshestvo showed that often the owners of the eponymous smartphones have to download an app to control the headset.

In addition, sometimes the sound quality is inferior to the noise reduction system, but the battery life is limited, another disadvantage of cheap plastic and awkward to mount on the head. The price is not always an indicator of quality, the report said.