The Committee to protect journalists asked to protect the editor-in-chief of the Dagestani media

Based in new York, a non-governmental organization "Committee to protect journalists" (CPJ) called on the authorities of Dagestan to ensure the protection of the journalist Svetlana Anokhina, which, according to the Committee, threatened.

Last Saturday, the interior Ministry in Dagestan said that the police began checking on the fact of death threats to the journalist. According to the Agency, Anokhina received threatening phone calls is unknown, the audio recording of the call added to her statement. According to media reports, Anokhina chief editor in the publication "Daptar", which focused on the situation of women in North Caucasian society.

"The authorities of Dagestan should thoroughly investigate the death threats the journalist Svetlana Anokhina and to bring the perpetrators to justice," said Gulnoza said, program coordinator of CPJ's Europe and Central Asia. Her words are contained in the statement of the organization.

Anokhin in a telephone interview with CPJ suggested that threats can be linked to its journalistic activities.

"She (Anokhina) words, the call with the threat was made immediately after the publication of the article on the problematic topic, which the journalist edited that may indicate communication of the threat with this publication. In an article published on daptar.ru the day before the threats, stated that the Chechen authorities and authorities at the Federal level not conducted an adequate investigation into the alleged killing of a Chechen woman by her husband," said the Committee.