South Korea is ready to cooperate with the DPRK in the field of anti-COVID-19

The newly appointed Minister of unification Lee In Yeong reiterated that South Korea is ready to cooperate with the DPRK in anti-COVID-19 and serious about a situation with a possible appearance of infected in the North Korean city of Kaesong near the inter-Korean border, said Yonhap news Agency.

"We are serious about quarantine in Kaesong and around and closely monitoring the situation... If it is possible to operate (with the DPRK – ed.) to combat the coronavirus, I think we should operate, always, not only in Kaesong but also at any point of North Korea", - said the Minister.

The DPRK on July 26 reported that a runaway 3 years ago in South Korea people, again illegally crossed the military demarcation line between South and North Korea on July 19 and was arrested on suspicion of COVID-19 in the city of Kaesong. His tests showed "undefined result", and the man was placed in strict quarantine. But on Thursday, the official media of the DPRK reiterated that the country is still no sick COVID-19.

Earlier it was reported that DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN decided to isolate the border of Kaesong and introduced a state of emergency in the territory, and made the decision to move from a "national emergency quarantine system" to "maximum emergency system." Residents Casona obliged to observe strict measures of isolation. Authorities organized a massive testing began to provide residents with masks, protective clothing, disinfectants, medicines, food, hygiene products, fuel.

The Central headquarters for liquidation of emergencies of South Korea who struggle with the coronavirus in the country, reported that North Korean defector who returned to the DPRK, was not registered as a patient with a coronavirus or exposed to such. Officially, the identity wasn't reported, but a number of South Korean media, citing the police pointed to the most likely candidate. The only one who can't communicate among defectors from North Korea arrived in South Korea to 2017-male 20-30 years old with the surname Kim. He recently became a suspect in the rape of his friend. On his arrest there was a warrant and he supposedly fled back to North Korea.

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