Media: North Korea in early July, experienced anti-ship missile

North Korea in early July conducted a test of anti-ship missiles as part of the regular exercises, reports Yonhap news Agency citing South Korean military.

As the Agency notes, this test is not reported in the media, as neither the South Korean military, neither the media, the DPRK announced the launch of a rocket. According to sources, the missiles "sea-view" was released from the ship in the sea of Japan on July 6 and flew less than 100 miles.

The exact type of missile is unknown, but it is reported that he had already been tested, the DPRK informed. North Korea's first developed and tested homing anti-ship missile in February 2015. Some media reported that it is a copy of the Soviet anti-ship missiles Kh-35.

"We see this as part of regular naval exercises North Korea," - said the Agency representative of the joint chiefs of staff of the Republic of Korea. It is noted that in the case of ballistic missile tests immediately about this misleading of the public, but testing cruise missiles is not prohibited by sanctions and was conducted during regular training, so we reported about him.

According to the Ministry of defence, the summer military exercises, the DPRK began at about the beginning of July and is still going on. Usually the training takes place in July-August.

The last major missile test of the DPRK, which was known, passed 14 April, when a few cruise missiles "land-sea" was fired from the Eastern coastal city of Munchon in Gangwon province and flew about 150 kilometers. In addition, North Korea in March, four times tested a ballistic short-range missiles during artillery exercises.