In the US, the hotel took the flag of Norway, which people confused with the Confederate flag

The owners of small hotels in the U.S. state of Michigan because of the accusations of racism was removed and hung at the entrance of the institution the Norwegian flag, which locals were confused with the Confederate flag reported by the local newspaper Lansing State Journal.

It is a small hotel Pineapple Nordic ("Scandinavian pineapple"), located in the mansion house during the Civil war in the small town of St. John's. The owners, Greg and Kiersten Offenbecher, two years ago hung in front of the entrance flag of Norway, as grandpa Kiersten native of Norway. This partly explains the name of the property.

The couple took the decision to remove the flag last week after he received "at least a dozen hateful e-mails", and similar comments.

Apparently, the Norwegian flag was the banner of the Confederation due to the similarity in color schemes. It is noteworthy that removing the Norwegian flag, Offenbacher removed and hung next to the American flag.

Earlier, the cities of the US, a wave of protests and unrest after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd. After the death of Floyd intensified the movement Black Lives Matter ("black Lives matter"), which opposes violence against the black population.