The explosion in the restaurant in Fukushima Prefecture have died

One person was killed in an explosion at a restaurant in Koriyama, in the Japanese Prefecture of Fukushima, according to NHK television station.

Earlier it was reported that the explosion injured 17 people.

A strong explosion completely destroyed a small building in the city of Koriyama. Ripped the roof from the walls there is only an iron skeleton. Under the rubble inside the building, firefighters found one victim. Another 17 people received injuries of varying severity, two of them in serious condition. Firemen and police could not immediately determine what was in the building, as it was completely destroyed. From the blast were injured and a nearby building. In particular, the houses at a distance of more than 400 meters from the explosion shattered Windows. In the Bank nearby, affected employees and customers, due to destruction office stopped the service.

According to police, a steak restaurant of Japanese cuisine has not worked because of the coronavirus since April. During this time, the owners decided to repair it. The restaurant is supposed to open after renovation on Friday. Firefighters believe that the building was occupied by six propane tanks, three of them were broken taps. Presumably, this was the cause of the leak.