Named the most dangerous alcoholic drinks

The greatest danger to the organism is strong alcohol in combination with carbonated beverages, told "Evening Moscow" the doctor-nutritionist Anna Belousova.

"Even if it's just mineral water, (cocktail - approx. ed.) is very insidious, because the aeration of the water increases the absorption of alcohol into the blood. In addition, there is also a delayed effect, when the cocktail is easy to drink and the intoxication comes suddenly and is extremely severe," — said Belousov.

According to her, the greatest danger is posed by cocktails of beer, in particular, a mixture of beer and vodka. "Here the role played by two factors: on the one hand, glazirovannogo drink, and the beer, especially if it is dense and dark, vodka is almost not felt. The feature cocktail that the intoxication from it is much more than expected — as if the man drank half a liter of vodka," said the doctor.

Are dangerous and various liquors, which by its sweetness hide the strength of the drink, added the nutritionist.

"It is the same with the addition of syrups, juices in cocktails — they hide not only the fortress, but the quality of the alcohol," she warned.