Nutritionist revealed the secret of longevity of the Caucasus

The basis of the Caucasian longevity is a special kebab. What feature makes it so helpful, told radio Sputnik dietitian Andrew Bobrowski.

Barbecue is an iconic dish of the Caucasus region. The locals are finely cut mutton pieces and strung on skewers and then roasted on charcoal in the grill. The resulting dish has the correct content of unsaturated fat, which is of fundamental importance, explained Andrei Bobrovsky.

Caucasian shashlik is different from what I used to eat the inhabitants of the Central part of Russia. Andrei Bobrovsky says that the choice of meat determines the good or harm that a person can draw from this dish.

"The fact that they are big on sheep meat is never allowed. They always use lamb, i.e. the lamb. The composition of the fat lamb and adult sheep differs in the amount of saturated fat. From the point of view of modern dietetics skewers of fish skewers of lamb are the most useful. The barbecue pork is not the most useful fat composition," explained dietitian.

But correctly chosen meat is half the battle. Kebab you need to properly prepare and correctly to eat.

"Cooking meat on the grill or grill – this is the version of the diet. Unlike other methods of cooking, cooking on an open fire removes excess fat. It's just dripping down. When frying in a pan the meat on the contrary absorb fat. Another recommendation, which makes the kebab healthy – have to eat greens and vegetables as much as you ate meat," said Andrey Bobrovskiy in an interview with radio Sputnik.