Pushkov praised US plans to transfer troops to the borders of Russia

Senator Alexei Pushkov commented in his Twitter the US plans to transfer part of its forces to the borders of Russia.

Pentagon chief mark Esper stated that Washington will transfer part of the military to the borders of Russia for its "deterrence," noting that in the future the US can deploy in Poland and the Baltic States for additional military forces. Esper also said that Germany will withdraw a total of almost 12 thousand US military, 9.5 thousand will be withdrawn from Germany to Italy and Belgium. According to media reports, there will be transferred and the headquarters of US forces in Europe.

"Conclusion 12 thousand US military from Germany will not affect the weight of Berlin in Europe, that whatever is thought in the United States. This weight is determined by others," he believed the gun.

However, he noted that the transfer of us troops to Poland and the Baltic States would violate the Founding Act of the NATO – Russia 1997.

"It would be a dangerous provocation," warned the Senator.

The founding act Russia – NATO from 1997 contains no direct prohibition of the deployment on an ongoing basis substantial armed forces and armaments of the Alliance on the territory of Eastern European countries that joined the bloc since 1997.