The CPS has given advice on the choice of melons and watermelons

Rospotrebnadzor has prepared rules for choosing watermelons and melons - the trading place shall be fenced, melons on the shelves, and not on the ground, the watermelon should have bright contrasting crust, light stain on one side and a dry stalk, melon with a nice smell and a dull sound when clicked, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Department.

Implementation of watermelons and cantaloupes along highways is prohibited in such places, melons are sold that do not pass the necessary sanitary examination, moreover, they can absorb heavy metals contained in the exhaust gases of vehicles, said the press service.

"A good, ripe watermelon large, has an integral cover, crust color, bright and contrast, a bright spot on the side that lain watermelon should be yellow, even orange. Ripe watermelon is necessarily covered with a hard, shiny crust, if the nail easily pierces a watermelon skin - so watermelon immature. The tendril and the stalk of the Mature watermelon dry", - explained in the CPS.

When you hit with your fingers the watermelon should produce a ringing sound, while compression, mild crunch, noted in a press-service.

"If after the cut you find that you purchased a watermelon has a sour smell, then in any case you can't eat that – it has already begun the processes of microbial spoilage and to food poisoning," - said the press service.

Melons from the opposite side from the tail should be slightly soft, otherwise it is immature. When you click the sound must be deaf. The presence of a pleasant fragrance when choosing melons mandatory criteria in the absence of fruit is not worth buying, added in a press-service.

Before use, the melons should be washed thoroughly with warm water and soap, if you are unable to eat fruit at a time, it must be stored in the refrigerator, noted in the Department.