Study: Russians want to earn a drivers and couriers

Almost 80% of Russian citizens would like to earn some money or already have an additional source of income, of the most popular types of second earnings driver, said the results of the research service recruitment Work.ru available to RIA Novosti.

The most popular additional employment was the driver mentioned by 14% of respondents. In second place was the couriers — 13% of the respondents would like to earn some money in the delivery. 12% indicated that they would like to do in addition to the basic activities of teaching or tutoring.

Less than 10% noted the following types of jobs: marketing Manager (8%), builders or handyman (6%), a computer wizard (4%) and waiter (2%).

In the "Other" option, respondents often pointed out that agreed in any part time job in a remote format, as well as such professions as accountant, master cleaning, a translator from foreign languages and a master in manicure.

The majority of respondents (32%) would like to increase income through part-time work by 30-50%. 22% of the respondents will be enough to get 10-30% higher than normal, and 19% of the population of Russia would like to have more than 50% of additional earnings. 24% of study participants expect to increase income at a job fair in 2 times and more. Only 3% of respondents would like to increase the basic salary by less than 10%.