Trump wondered why the United States to defend Germany from Russia

The US President Donald trump once again expressed bewilderment as to why the United States needs to protect Germany from Russia when the Berlin buys from Moscow energy.

"Germany pays Russia billions of dollars a year for energy, and we need to protect Germany from Russia. What's up with that?" - trump wrote on Twitter.

"In addition, Germany is very behind on his two-percent fee in NATO. So we take some troops out of Germany!" - added trump.

Pentagon chief mark Esper announced that Germany will withdraw a total of almost 12 thousand military of the United States, most of which (6.4 thousand) will go home, and the rest will be deployed in NATO countries in Europe, including in Italy and Belgium. The headquarters of US forces in Europe is scheduled to move from Germany to the Belgian Mons, informed in his turn, commander of US forces in Europe and Supreme allied commander of NATO forces in Europe, General Todd Walters. Now in Mons is the headquarters of the Supreme allied commander of NATO forces in Europe.