WSJ: Germany appealed to the Russian Federation regarding the search for the former Manager Wirecard

German authorities appealed to Russian officials in connection with the search for a former top Manager of the company Wirecard Jan Marsalek who is suspected of financial fraud, told the Wall Street Journal, citing information provided by the German government.

According to him, the German government on July 22, addressed to officials of the Russian Federation, the question was not whether Marsalek entered the territory of Russia. It is also noted that Interpol had issued against Marsalek so-called "red notice," which means an international warrant for the arrest of a person.

According to the newspaper, representatives of the Russian Federation as of July 28, "did not respond to a request for Germany."

A major financial scandal erupted in Germany in June, when one of the leaders of the German it market, the company Wirecard, withdrew financial report for the year 2019 after the auditors have recorded in its accounts a cash deficit of 1.9 billion euros. Against this background, the head of the company Marcus brown resigned. He was later arrested, but later released on bail, the suspect in an artificial increase in the balance of through Wirecard the imaginary income from transactions, to represent the company more prosperous and attractive to investors and customers.

Currently, German authorities are investigating the activities of former managers Wirecard. Three of them, including brown, were arrested. One of the key ex-employees, Austrian Yang Marsalek, hiding from the investigation. According to German media reports, it may be in Belarus or Russia. The Austrian Embassy in Russia told RIA Novosti that it had no information on the whereabouts of a former top Manager. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin did not know about the "relocation" Marsalek in Russia.