Hot foods considered hazardous to health

Human body is not designed to eat hot food, but maybe for her to adapt. Why such adaptation is harmful, said in an interview with radio Sputnik gastroenterologist Sergey vyalov.

Ideal can be regarded as the room temperature food. But there is a strong opinion that hot food is more useful and better, in fact it is not, on the contrary, explains gastroenterologist Sergey vyalov. It is necessary to distinguish between warm and hot food. If the first can really make some dishes more nutritious and healthy, the latter can bring a man to stomach ulcers.

Specifically to modify and control the temperature of food to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is not necessary. The body of threat assessment can handle himself, you just have to listen to it, says Sergey vyalov.

"If you put a bite of food or SIP hot water and in the mouth you hot, it is best to cool such food. The mucosa of the oral cavity consists of many layers. It is more sustainable, more rough. The mucous membrane, which is then in the esophagus and stomach, one-layer and more susceptible to damage. If limb in his mouth, then on such food does not need to start. Here the restriction is not a lot of hot food, and quality, i.e. temperature. One SIP of water, heated to 95 degrees, it will burn the mucous membrane of the mouth immediately," said gastroenterologist in an interview with radio Sputnik.