Todorenko found work in Ukraine after the scandal in Russia

Presenter Regina todorenko has become the leading column of the journeys on one of the Ukrainian radio stations. This writes the magazine Viva.

"I am very glad that now I can share my experience and emotions, which have received in traveling with listeners. And besides, I have always been interested to try yourself as a radio presenter and news programme in the Ukrainian language", - quotes Todorenko.

According to the presenter, working on the radio is for her a new experience. "I very much hope that my knowledge and recommendations come in handy when borders will be open again and we are again able to move freely around the world," she said.

Earlier Todorenko has been leading a program about travel "heads and tails".

The TV presenter was in the center of a scandal in Russia after his interview with People Talk, in which she said that women are themselves responsible for what they raise their hand. These words caused a wave of indignation on the Internet, Todorenko later apologized and tried to explain his words. In spite of this, a number of advertisers stopped working with Todorenko, and the magazine Glamour stripped her of the title "woman of the year".