In the U.S. Senate accused Rotenberg in attempts to circumvent sanctions

The members of the us Senate released a report stating that Russian businessmen Arkady and Boris Rotenberg allegedly used industry art to bypass sanctions by the United States.

In a 147-page report prepared by senators Rob Portman and Tom Karper on the basis of the investigation carried out within two years, said that lawmakers were able to identify purchase in USA art objects worth $ 18 million bogus companies allegedly affiliated with the Rotenberg.

Boris Rotenberg and his older brother Arkady fell under U.S. sanctions in 2014.

The paper argues that entrepreneurs bypassed the sanctions by transferring money to a shell company to invest in valuable art objects.

For this billionaires allegedly used three shell companies. From their faces, alleged to have been made by the Moscow art dealer Gregory baltzer.

Balzer, having a U.S. passport and used a fake company Steamort Limited to buy art for Rothenberg, the report said. Thus, according to the authors of the report, it was purchased at least 16 paintings.

The auction house reported that he had not seen in actions of Balzer nothing strange. However, the report States that funds for the purchase of art objects at the expense of Balzer received from the account of one of the fictitious companies. Balzer's lawyer has denied that he had ever imagined Rotenberg.