SP told about the taken measures on improvement of living conditions of persons with disabilities

Accept Russia measures to improve the living conditions of persons with disabilities is insufficient, and at current funding elimination of waiting list for state aid is more than 20 years, says the report of the accounting chamber.

It is noted that for those who got in line before 2005 and have not yet received housing, the problem is not resolved within 15 years. At the beginning of this year in line to receive government support remained more than 42 thousand people. Not better things and with those who stood on the account since 2005. To date, the local authorities on the housing account has about 2.5 million poor citizens, including people with disabilities about 63 thousand people.

The main problem is the lack of financial resources indicates SP. In 2014 the average demand of the regions in the Federal budget met these needs by 5%, it is possible to provide during the year from 3% to 6% of the total number waiting. "Here we have another unfunded Federal mandate. While maintaining the trends in the allocation of financial resources in the same volumes for the total elimination of queues will require more than 20 years", – said the auditor.

At the same time, even the citizens of social benefits does not guarantee the improvement of their living conditions due to the lack of appropriate needs of disabled people housing and the size of social benefits (in 2019 on average, 734 thousand), adds SP.

Deputy Minister of construction and housing and communal services Yury Gordeev announced that the Agency fully supports the conclusions of the accounting chamber. "We take every precaution to ensure that this category of citizens as a whole to provide up to 2024" - are his words in the message.