In the Penza region the karate condemned for beating up the husband's mistress

The court in Serdobsk district of Penza region sentenced to compulsory labour local woman having a black belt in karate, on charges in the beating of the mistress of her husband, said Wednesday the Prosecutor's office of the region.

The court found that on may 4 sentenced in the yard mistress wife on the basis of personal hostile relations deliberately beat her wooden kitchen hammer and feet. Clarifies that women unexpectedly met near the store, and resentment six months ago due to interference in family life sentenced provoked her attack on the opponent.

"At the hearing, the woman admitted the guilt completely. The court in sentencing took into account all the circumstances of the crime, including mitigating circumstances, and characteristics of the convicted, having a master's degree in karate Kyokushinkai black belt, first Dan. In accordance with the position of the Prosecutor the court has appointed to it a penalty of 180 hours of compulsory work", - stated in the message.

The court found 39-year-old woman guilty under article of the criminal code "Intentional infliction of bodily harm with the use of the object used as a weapon." The sentence came into legal force.