In Saratov the village where there was an outbreak of coronavirus, has abolished the quarantine

The government of Saratov region from Thursday cancel the quarantine in the village Novopolevaya Balakovsky district, where there was an outbreak of the coronavirus, says the decision, signed by Vice-Governor Alexander Strelyukhin.

Novopolevaya where an outbreak of coronavirus occurred due to the presence of the vector of infection at the funeral of one of the residents of the village, closed on quarantine on 7 July. In the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor noted on Monday that this week the quarantine is planned to remove, if not will be fixed in the next two to three days new cases COVID-19.

"On the basis of the instruction of the chief state sanitary doctor in the Saratov region of July 29, 2020... the government of Saratov region... decides to abolish the restrictive measures (quarantine) on the territory of the village Novopolevaya the Balakovo district of the Saratov region from July 30, 2020," the document reads.

As specified in the official account of the regional operational headquarters in the Telegram "Stokoreguliruyushchei region" with reference to data of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, all in Balakovsky district of coronavirus infection laboratory confirmed 759 inhabitants and during the last day of new cases in the village Novopolevaya not revealed.

Only in the Saratov region 9209 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus, died in 57 patients recovered 5469.

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