Swim across the river and Russian tank shocked Argentine journalists

Journalists by the Argentine newspaper Clarin drew attention to a video shot during a training exercise in Central military district involving the crews of tanks T-72БЗ. The video was published by the Russian Ministry of defense.

On the recording you can see how soldiers learn the skills of scuba driving in the Orenburg region, overcoming water obstacles with a depth of five meters.

"It's amazing how tank combat completely disappears under water and then emerges on the opposite Bank and continues to perform tasks as if nothing had happened", — stated in the material.

As noted in the article, "shocking video" of the Russian defense Ministry "simply impressive".

The authors of the material indicated that by using "structural changes and innovations of the last generation" this model of military equipment significantly improved. Journalists called T-72БЗ "an unprecedented deadly weapon", comparing it with the submarine.

As explained in the defense Ministry, military vehicles are equipped with special ducts. During the movement of tankers were guided by special devices and not allow stops and sharp turns.