The foreign Ministry of Belarus calls the Ambassador of Ukraine due to the detention of the Russians

The foreign Ministry of Belarus will invite the ambassadors of Russia and Ukraine to give explanations on the case involving the detention in the Republic of a group of Russians, at least 14 of whom "were recorded" in the Donbass, said on Wednesday the state Secretary of the security Council of Belarus Andrei Ravkov.

"Today the head of state set a number of tasks to elements of the system of ensuring national security. In short, if you focus on these tasks, it will be the work of the Ministry of foreign Affairs for sending requests and the invitation of the ambassadors of the Russian Federation and Ukraine to give some explanation and discussion of these issues. Because now, according to available information, the results of the surveys these people within 14 people are the people who passed through the program taking into account people who were recorded in the Donbass. Therefore invited the Ambassador of Ukraine on this issue", - said Ravkov, the TV channel STV.

Belarusian media reported, citing an unnamed source in law enforcement bodies that, under the Minsk detained "32 militants, the foreign private company Wagner", another was arrested in the South of the country. All of them, as claimed by the Agency, the Russians. Thus, according to the report, earlier information was received of the arrival in Belarus ", more than 200 militants to destabilize the situation during the election campaign."

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Wednesday held an emergency meeting with members of the security Council, he reported on the situation in connection with the detention of "more than three dozen representatives of foreign private military companies", reported the press service of the head of state. During the meeting, the Chairman of the KGB of the Republic Valery Vakulchik confirmed that the detained in Minsk Russians consisted in PMC "Wagner" And the Secretary of the security Council of Belarus Andrei Ravkov said that the foreign Ministry will invite the ambassadors of Russia and Ukraine to give explanations on this case, since at least 14 of the detained Russians "were recorded" in the Donbass.