A new threat to US economy

Falling birth rates in the United States will create new challenges for the American economy after the end of the pandemic coronavirus, according to Bloomberg.

In recent years the total fertility rate in the U.S. declined from 2.1 to 1.7 children per woman. In addition, 34% of American women due to pandemic crisis want to delay pregnancy or have fewer children. To such conclusion the Institute of Halmahera in the course of the survey.

With the negative forecast made by analysts at the Brookings institution. According to their calculations, in the next year in the US born half a million fewer children than originally expected demographers. Along with 150 thousands of victims of coronavirus in the United States, this decline will affect the economy in the future. Thus, the States will lose a large number of consumers, workers and taxpayers.

Pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 covered almost the whole world. According to the latest who data, there are more than 16.5 million infected, more than 650 thousand of whom died.

The largest number infected with coronavirus are the USA: the country recorded more than 4.3 million people infected, of which about 150 thousand died.

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