In Syria plan to build a chapel with the name Hagia Sophia

The commander of the militia of the Syrian Christian town of Scalby Nabil Abdullah announced the intention to build in his hometown chapel with a symbolic name Hagia Sophia.

"It's symbolic of a small Church not more than four metres in height and four in width. This small chapel is designed to show the real face of Syria, where two different civilizations and culture. Especially in this town (Salbei) who received more than 4 thousand refugees who fled from terror," - told RIA Novosti Abdallah.

According to the commander of the Christian militia, the chapel will be a Cathedral in Istanbul is Hagia Sophia in name only.

Abdullah also said that the construction of the Church "received blessing of Patriarch of Antiochian Orthodox Church of St. John the tenth".

Abdullah also said that next to the chapel is planned to plant an alley, dedicated to the fallen fighters of the city Salbei and Russian soldiers killed on Syrian soil.