Prime Minister of Poland protested rainbow flags on the monuments in Warsaw

The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki believes that fighters against homophobia was out of line by posting rainbow flags at the Warsaw monuments.

Last night unknown persons hung rainbow flags of the LGBT community on a few Warsaw monuments. According to police, it is, in particular, the monument to Nicholas Copernicus, Jan Ilinskomu and the Warsaw mermaid. Later, the Internet was published a Manifesto explaining that the action was carried out in the framework of the "fight against homophobia".

"The main condition for any civilized discussion about tolerance is a definition of the limits of this tolerance. Is it possible to justify any, even the most iconoclastic behavior is the struggle for their vision of the world? Does the end justify the means? Definitely no!" - wrote Morawiecki in Facebook.

"Each of the sides of the great ideological dispute of our time, which is increasing worldwide and the consequences of which we feel in Poland must understand that there are certain impassable boundaries of the level of aggression," he said.

According to the Polish Prime Minister said that "such acts of vandalism that we saw yesterday in Warsaw, in what good do not lead, and they have one goal - to further divide society".

"I will not allow it. In Poland we will not allow the mistakes of the West. We all see the consequences of tolerance of barbarism. Tolerance also means reciprocity. Not respecting the ideals of the majority, the minority, instead of unite supporters - produces only enemies," - concluded Moravicki.

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda recently directly declared that will not allow registration in their country same-sex marriages and adoption of children by same-sex couples. This provoked a negative reaction from the LGBT community and the liberal environment of Poland.