Senator: Russia could target its system to the new area of deployment of the US army

Russia will consider military plans of Washington in Europe and will target their systems to new areas of deployment of us troops, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, a member of the international Committee of the Federation Council Oleg Morozov.

Pentagon chief mark Esper stated that the United States will transfer part of the military to the borders of Russia for its "deterrence". He noted that in the future the US can deploy in Poland and the Baltic States for additional military forces. Esper also said that Germany will withdraw a total of almost 12 thousand military of the United States, 9.5 per thousand in Italy and Belgium. According to media reports, there will be transferred and the headquarters of US forces in Europe.

"The decision is expected. It has several aspects. First, Germany has ceased to be a partner "what would you like", and it is punished" - said the Senator.

The second aspect, he said, is that the candidates for the replacement was for a long time, and they are willing to pay for it's own safety.

"The truth is, not disinterested. It is clear that they will receive additional financial injections," - said Morozov.

The third aspect, the Senator said, is that there is a convenient excuse to "move" missiles closer to Russia. "The answer is obvious - change goals and endanger new areas of deployment of us troops" concluded Morozov.