Kosachev accused the United States in violation of the Founding act NATO-Russia

Presence in Europe, the United States needs more than the Europeans themselves, besides the deployment of additional forces in the Eastern countries of the continent violates "the Basic act Russia – NATO", said RIA Novosti on Wednesday the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

Pentagon chief mark Esper stated that the United States will transfer part of the military to the borders of Russia for its "deterrence," noting that in the future the US can deploy in Poland and the Baltic States for additional military forces. Esper also said that Germany will withdraw a total of almost 12 thousand US military, 9.5 thousand will be withdrawn from Germany to Italy and Belgium. According to media reports, there will be transferred and the headquarters of US forces in Europe.

"Let's start with the fact that "the headquarters of US forces in Europe," no matter where he was - an absolute anachronism of the cold war, when the conditions of the divided Europe, the West Europeans really cared military cover of the United States. Now if that cover people who want to see, only the Americans themselves who continue to provoke divisions in Europe on the principle of "divide and conquer", - said the Senator.

According to policy, while keeping the NATO, the countries of the bloc can agree among themselves, where and how military forces to contain. "I can, but with one exception. We are talking about Eastern European countries that joined the bloc since 1997", he added.

Kosachev recalled that the then there was "the Founding act Russia – NATO", where there is no direct prohibition of the deployment on an ongoing basis substantial armed forces and armaments on the territory of the "newcomers". "Poland and the Baltic States, of course, included in this category. And the deployment of American troops will have a direct and aggressive violation of the Act", - the politician concluded.