In Sochi detained a photographer who mocked the monkey

Police arrested the photographer in Sochi, mocks the monkey, the reports of violations submitted to the court, said GU MVD of Russia in Krasnodar Krai.

Earlier in social networks there was video shot by a tourist in Sochi. It shows a man holding a monkey by the head, waving a hand in which the animal is located, and then threatened the monkey pulls at her diaper. The review indicated that the man in the video drunk and earns money taking pictures of tourists with monkeys. The police organized a check.

"It is established that a man, without having permission to carry out business activities, offered to vacationers on the beach paid photo services with a monkey, which he rented from his friend ... law enforcement officers detained place of residence and taken to the police Department for further investigation", - stated in the message.

Clarifies that local police quickly established the identity and whereabouts of the men. It was a 43-year-old visitor from the neighboring country.

"Against the attacker, police made administrative reports under article "entrepreneurial activities without state registration or without special permit (license)" and "Arbitrariness", which sanctions prescribe punishment in the form of payment of the fine. The materials on administrative offenses sent to court for decision", - stated in the message.