Israeli citizens will receive payouts on the background of the pandemic

The Israeli Knesset approved on Wednesday in the second and third readings of a program that pays a one-time subsidies to the citizens of Israel against the background of the pandemic, reported the press service of the Minister of Finance.

"This program Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yisrael Katz on payment of lump-sum subsidies for every citizen of Israel. The grant aims to help various segments of the population, and in particular aims to promote consumption and employment in terms of the epidemic of the coronavirus", - said the press service of the head of the Finance Department.

Every Israeli citizen over the age of 18 will receive a lump sum payment in the amount of 750 shekels (about $ 220). Children will be paid subsidy in the amount of 500 shekels ($147) per child - up to the fourth inclusive, the fifth child, and the rest - for 300 shekels ($88), reports a press-service of the Minister of Finance.

Preferential categories of citizens will receive increased subsidies. Soldiers or citizens performing alternative military service that complete service in 2020, will receive an additional 500 shekels.

Eligibility for subsidies will be deprived of only those citizens whose annual taxable income 2018 year exceeded $ 651 thousand shekels (191 thousand dollars), however, they receive child benefits and other family members.

The money will be paid next week, promised the Prime Minister.

"As I promised, the Knesset approved the program of subsidies for every citizen, which I initiated. The money will be credited to your account, the citizens of Israel, next week. This is another step that will make your life easier and will contribute to the development of the economy", - said the Prime Minister in a televised address published on his official Twitter page.

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