The British with the appearance of the teenager surprised the users real age

Cabin Sakina, a resident of Manchester (UK) published in TikTok video, which offers users to guess how old she is. Most were shocked by the response, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the publication, she told the audience that she is often given no more than 20 years because of a youthful appearance, and in clubs or bars on the face control are constantly asked to show identification.

What was the surprise of many, when it became clear that Sakineh Cabin 35 years: "Look max 19", "You struck me", "my God! Can't believe it", "it's Not like you for many years. What's the secret?".

Of course, there are skeptics. They suggested that the girl help to look so young pounds of makeup. After that, Gaben posted another video, which removes makeup.

According to most, she was able to prove – no special tools she's so young and natural. Some have even compared the British with American actress Laura Marano (24 years old), known to participate in the youth sitcom "Austin and ally".

In response to one of podeschi, which asked the secret of her healthy skin, Cabin Sakina said that uses retinol, glycolic and hyaluronic acid, facial oil, sunscreen and other means.