Son of ex-official from Dagestan was arrested for the murder of a student, MGIMO

Basmanny court of Moscow on Wednesday has concluded in jail son of a former senior official from Dagestan Mukhtar Medzhidova: he is accused of the murder of a student of MGIMO, told RIA Novosti press-service of the court.

"Basmanny court of Moscow chose today of Murtuzali the Mukhtarovich Mejidova a measure of restraint in form of detention for two months, until 28 September," - said the Agency interlocutor.

The court confirmed that the arrest Medzhidova is associated with the case of the death of a student from Kazakhstan. The young man charged with murder and faces a long period of time.

In mid-April, 2018 21-year-old student at MGIMO from Kazakhstan Tomiris Buysafe fell from the fourth floor of a building of the University. The girl was hospitalized in the Institute Sklifosovsky, but she soon passed away. On this fact criminal case is brought.

The Commissioner for human rights in Kazakhstan then reported that he had asked his Russian counterpart Tatiana Moskalkova to take the case under personal control and to "ensure an objective investigation".

The incident in Kazakhstan called ambiguous. It was alleged in the media, Tomiris and Murtuzali met.

Murtuzali Medzhidov – the son of a prominent Dagestani politician and businessman Mukhtar Medzhidova.