Mironov found dubious the idea of the introduction of alcolocks to the vehicles

The leader "Fair Russia" Sergey Mironov considers dubious proposal to introduce alcolocks for cars in Russia: in his view, it is better to effectively use available tools to deal with drunkenness on the road.

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation until the end of the year plans to develop the concept of mass adoption in Russia alcolocks devices lock the ignition in the detection of alcohol vapor in exhalation of the driver and work out the question of how to encourage automakers to install alcolocks in cars, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper "Kommersant" with reference to the minutes of the meeting in the Ministry.

The leader of the CP, quoted by his press service, says that most drivers are normal people who are not going drunk to get behind the wheel, and after such upgrades "the most modest car will cost as a premium car".

"Why do they (drivers) have to pay for this miracle of technology? And if the gadget will respond to kvass, kefir, sanitizer, wipes for glasses, medications? Suddenly he has something like it, and he will punish the innocent. Of course, we will assure that the alcolock does not cheat, but there is smooth only on paper. As for irresponsible enthusiasts seem tipsy, then we certainly there "kulibins" who think "antisamos", and then have to come up with sanctions for their use. Let's not start this dubious epic, and efficiently use the available tools to deal with drunkenness on the roads," - said the politician.