Riyadh expects to return power to the South Yemen government

Saudi Arabia proposed an initiative for reconciliation of the Central government of Yemen and separatists from the Transitional Council of South Yemen will allow the Central government to regain power in the capital of southern Yemen, Aden, said the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Faisal bin Farhan.

Early Wednesday, the Saudi authorities declared that they managed to convince the government of Yemen and the separatists, who seized power in Aden, which was announced by the authorities the temporary capital after the capture of Sana'a by Houthi rebels, go for the continuation of the truce and the formation of a new government with the participation of candidates from the South and the North. After that, the separatists abandoned their declared earlier in the southern provinces self-government.

"Consent of the government of Yemen and the Transitional Council of southern Yemen, the Kingdom of the mechanism is a positive step which will strengthen the trust between them and allow the government to carry out its activities in Aden, to revive the public structures for the benefit of the Yemeni people, join ranks and efforts to achieve a comprehensive political solution under UN auspices," wrote the foreign Minister in the microblog in the social network Twitter.

After the seizure of power in Aden in August last year, representatives of the Transitional Council have been ousted from government agencies supporters of the Central authorities and their powers with military bases. Despite the conclusion in November last year in Riyadh an agreement on the settlement of the conflict with the government, they continued their seizure of power in other southern provinces, which culminated in the establishment of full control over a strategically important archipelago of Socotra in the Indian ocean. These actions provoked sharp criticism in Saudi Arabia of the President and government of Yemen, in particular, address for causing transition of Socotra under the control of separatists Saudi allies.