USA will withdraw from Germany, almost 12 thousand military

The US withdraw from Germany 11.9 thousand military, reducing its contingent in the country with about 36 thousand to 24 thousand, said at a press conference the head of the Pentagon, mark Esper.

He explained that, according to the plans of the European command, of this amount, approximately 5,600 people will be placed in NATO countries, and 6400 will be back in the US but will be deployed in Europe on a rotating basis.

Esper also said that 4500 troops armored troops return home, and the other units will continue to be available on a rotational basis "in the East and in the Black sea area" to "strengthen deterrence" of Russia and to ensure the security of the allies on the South-Eastern flank.

The Pentagon chief added that in the future the United States can deploy additional forces in Poland and the Baltic States.

The withdrawal of American troops from Germany will begin in a few weeks, said the Esper.

According to him, this will need to solve a series of foreign policy and institutional issues, including from the point of view the deployment of troops to new locations.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has promised to reduce the number of us troops in Germany, because Berlin has delayed payments to NATO.

In turn, Poland has proposed to Washington to place themselves on a permanent basis armored division. At the same time, Warsaw is ready to take on the costs — of the order of 1.5-2 billion dollars.